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help with courses
help with courses
accommodation, settlement, meals
How do I register for a course?

You can register online or you can contact our email and register directly with our logistic manager.

Do I have to pay full amount at once?

No, to register you need to pay 20% of the ammount.

Can I have a discount?

If you register for 2 courses or more, than - yes.
It is discussed individually.

Do I need to pay additional fee for hotel?

No, your accommodation is included in the course fee.

Do I need to pay additional fee for meals?

No, 2 coffee breaks, 3 times meal/day are included in course fee.

How do I get from IvanŠ¾-Frankivsk airport to M.Vision Study Resort?

We organize for you free transfer from airport to M.Vision Study Resort.

When do we leave after a course?

Most usually transfer from hotel is next day after a course, early morning. You will be informed by our logistic manager.